Doctor Who Four Doctors – Exclusive Signed Edition – Neil Edwards & Paul Cornell – Exclusive Sketch by Neil Edwards

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A quick peek at one of the items we will be bringing along with us to Southport Comic Con on Saturday 24th February.

Doctor Who Comic Event exclusive – Signed by Neil Edwards / Paul Cornell on 13th January, 2016. Doctor Who 2015 Four Doctors was a Forbidden Planet Exclusive Signed Edition.

It’s the greatest Doctor Who comics crossover event of all time, as the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth incarnations of the Doctor come face to face for the first time ever!

When an unseen enemy maneuvers the three Doctors into an impossible meeting, the future of the universe itself is put at stake. It will take all of the Doctor’s innate cunning and adaptability to team up with his past and present selves to uncover the immensely powerful culprit!

Tickets and information on the event can be found at

And the events page at

Look forward to seeing you all there.

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Enormous apologies but due to a health/injury crisis effecting the volunteers at MakeItWorkshop we are delaying the start of the Comicon Prize Draw until a week today. We will now begin to take entries for the draw beginning a week today: That’s Saturday 7th October

All other details remain the same i.e. as per our previous post, in regards to the date(s) for the draws themselves. So don’t panic folks those free ticket wristbands are still up for grabs for some lucky winner  All you have to do is visit MakeItWorkshop in Cambridge Walks and register your entry!

We’ll post again later in the week to remind you 🙂



Makeitworkshop is situated inside Cambridge Walks, off Cambridge Arcade, behind the Atkinson Arts Centre, Southport, PR8 1EN.

See you there. We look forward to meeting you!

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There are two amazing events run by  NorthWestComicCons coming soon to the North West and we have 6 FREE tickets for 6 lucky winners.

This will be Leigh’s first comic con and it takes place on Saturday 25th November 2017.

Classic Arcade Games available on the day; Props from Film and TV and opportunities to have photographs taken with the famous guests at both events.

Have your picture taken with John Leeson, his character K-9 and the iconic police box Tardis.  Dr Who stars John Leeson, Rosie Jane and Jon Davey will be among the famous faces at the Comic-Con event at Leigh Leisure Centre.

Southport Comic Con takes place on Saturday 24th February 2018 at the Convention Centre.  We have the wonderful Sylvester McCoy, Brian Wheeler, Sandeep Mohan and  Norman Lovett.

Both events will be truly amazing for young and old enthusiasts alike and we, MakeItWorkshop, are literally going to be giving away, yes! You heard it right “giving away” 4 tickets for the Leigh event and 2 for Southport!


All you have to do is pop along to MakeItWorkShop CIC, fill out your  Name, Email and Contact Number on a piece of paper and post it in our special Free Prize Draw box.  The draws will take place on Friday 27th October for the 4 Leigh Comic Con tickets and on Friday 1st December for the 2 Southport Comic Con tickets. Both draws will take place inside our ‘fast becoming famous’ (we hope) fundraising shop in Cambridge Walks behind the Atkinson Arts Centre.

So get yourself down there from next Saturday and submit your entry. You could be one of the lucky winners!

Makeitworkshop is situated on Cambridge Walks, Cambridge Arcade, Southport, PR8 1EN.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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Jack Skellington, A Human Tardis, Harry Potter, Anna and Kristoff with Sven were all seen wandering around Southport on Saturday 16th September. DID YOU SEE THEM? They were helping to Promote Southport Comic Con and Leigh Comic Con.

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Our very own Debster from MakeItWorkShop was there as the HumanTardis along with a few eager Cosplayers and helpers.   Don’t they look great.  They were all up bright and early in some of their favourite Cosplays to help promote North West Comic Cons next two amazing events.  Leigh Comic Con which will be Saturday 25th November 2017 and Southport Comic Con on Saturday 24th February 2018.

It was a bit of a chilly start as they all met up at 9am and most of them didn’t have coats ( who wants to cover up an amazing costume) thankfully it didn’t rain.  Southport Air Show was just starting to come to life and the people were slowly arriving.

Everyone was cheerful as the flyers were handed out to passers-by,  which for the lucky first few had sweets attached.  Thankfully the sun came out and it started to warm up.  Passers-by  smiled as they  saw the colourful costumes and many asked for photographs too.

A quick break at McDonalds for a coffee and a do-nut to keep them going and they were off again around Ocean Plaza.  It was smiles all around and no one noticed they had been walking for nearly three hours as it had been so much fun.

They had the pleasure of having a professional photographer to take some photos of the day.  A massive thank you to S A Photography and you can find more of his wonderful work on Facebook, but here are more photographs taken on the day.  Thanks again S A Photography.

For more information on tickets for both events please visit

We are excited to be involved as we will be holding a trade table at Southport Comic Con ourselves and look forward to seeing you all there.

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Southport Comic Con Sat 16th Sept 2017 @ Southport Convention Centre

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This September….. we are off to COMIC CON!

Yes! MakeItWorkShop CIC will be attending this years Southport Comic Con.

Get the date in your dairy  Saturday 16th September 2017 10am till 4pm at the Convention Centre.  In it’s second year, this wonderful event is run by NorthWestComicCon (NWCC).  Family-Focussed, Friendly & Fun with fantastic guests, entertainment and a vast array of trade stalls, which this year includes US!

Well, some amazing guests for a start.  The awesome Sylvester McCoy, known for his role as the 7th Incarnation of the Doctor  in the television series Dr Who 1987 to 1989  and as the wizard Radagast the Brown in The Hobbit.

There is also the Policebox Photobooth where you can step into the Tardis and have your photo taken.

Also attending will be Norman Lovett best known for the role of Holly during 1st, 2nd, 7th and 8th series of Red Dwarf.

If your a fan of Star Wars then come meet Brian Wheller  who played an Ewok and a Jawa in Star Wars -Return Of The Jedi.  He has also played numerous roles in television.

There is also Sandeep Moran who has had a recent role in The Force Awakens and Rogue One.

The Arcade Club Bury will be attending  who have hundreds of awesome original retro video game machines.  They will be bringing a selection along and will be FREE  to play on.

A great family friendly convention for T.V, Film and comic themes.  Retro gaming and great value family passes available, and Remember! under 5’s go FREE.


Lots to see and do and obviously lots of Cosplay!   If you see this group called The Heroic Alliance please stop and grab a photo, they are supporting  The Make A Wish Foundation.


New guests and annoucements can be found by checking out the NWCC website at or on their Facebook page:


MIW will be setting up from 7.30am and we look forward to seeing you all from 10am onwards.   It’s  going to be really exciting and some of us will be in Cosplay featuring in particular our newest fundraising idea: the cooolest sunglass/eyeglasses you will ever have seen! Remember Morpheus? Well that will give you a clue but, if you want to know more, get yourselves along to the event!

Here is  a small taster of what we will be bringing.  And we might have another surprise or two.

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Whether your a fan of sci-fi, comic books, movies, retro or vintage, there is always something on offer from MIW!

MIW are a community company based in Southport. Find us here:-

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