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MakeItWorkShop CIC have a YouTube Channel – Check It Out –

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Ranging from the very beginings of MakeItWorkShop to Project Dalek.

Is the link to take you straight to MakeItWorkShops YouTube Channel.  Please add us to your Favourites.

MakeItWorkShop CIC,  Cambridge Walks, Cambridge Arcade, Southport, PR8 1EN


Telephine – 01704 535123

Opening Hours – Tuesday to Saturday 12 noon to 5pm


We are now on Trip Advisor! Write a Review…..

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Debz our brilliant Promotions person has now refreshed our presence on Trip Advisor….. What we need now is for YOU our supporters to write a review. This will get us noticed and have people flocking to our shops to find out more about us!

Our main attraction at the moment is our newly refurbished 7 (or was that 8?) foot Dalek, fully automated, fully speaking and fully alive, waiting in the wings until next Friday or Saturday to invade our town centre…..

So, come on Southport (and beyond!) and tell the world about us!!

Theres A Dalek Wandering Around Chapel Street Southport. WHEN! On Saturday 21st October Between 1pm and 2pm. 

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“Exterminate! Exterminate!” watch out a Dalek is going to be seen wandering around Chapel Street Southport on Saturday 21st October between 1pm and 2pm.

Theres no need to worry as MakeItWorkShop’s Dalek is quite friendly.

Come and grab a “Selfie” with a 8 foot tall Gold Dalek.  He is very mobile and will be whizzing up and down Chapel Street hoping to make some new friends.

Come and find out what MakeItWorkShop is all about and what we do.

We are also looking to name our Dalek and will be taking suggestions while we are handing out flyers.

Come and say hello. But dont be surprised our Dalek will answer you back.

He will have a few Human Helpers to escort him around and ensure he behaves.

Our Dalek will also be making an appearance at Southport Comic Con at Southport Exhibition Centre Saturday 24th February 2018.


Cambridge Walks, Cambridge Arcade, Southport, PR8 1EN

opening Tuesday to Saturday 12 to 5

Email MakeIt.Southport@gmail com

Telephone 01704 535123







EXTERMINATE! Come face-to-face with Doctor Who’s most famous foe’s the Daleks. They have landed at MakeItWorkShop and are eager to Meet as many Earthlings as possible.

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Skaro has come to Southport.  MakeItWorkShop  have two very special visitors lurking around the shop floor looking for Earthlings to Exterminate.

MakeItWorkShop is quite excited to announce that the 8ft Gold Dalek will be attending Southport Comic Con on Saturday 24th February 2018 at Southport Exhibition Centre with a view to eliminating and conquering all.  He is mobile and has quite a vocabulary.

But don’t fear, we have these ones under control!

They might even let you take their photograph.  So pop along and grab a “Selfie”.

We are based at Cambridge Walks, Cambridge Arcade, Southport, PR8 1EN.

Our opening times are Tuesday to Saturday 12 noon to 5pm.

Have a go at our FREE DRAW for wristbands to Leigh Comic Con and Southport Comic Con.  Win one of six wristbands available kindly donated by  Just pop your name, email and contact number on a piece of paper in our special Draw Box.    Winners for Leigh Comic Con will be drawn on Friday 27th October and Southport Comic Con will be drawn on Fri 1st December.



Both draws will take place inside our fast becoming famous fundraising shop in Cambridge Walks behind the Atkinson Centre.  We look forward to meeting you!

Telephone 01794 535123


”For ourselves, together for each other. For Southport”






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Enormous apologies but due to a health/injury crisis effecting the volunteers at MakeItWorkshop we are delaying the start of the Comicon Prize Draw until a week today. We will now begin to take entries for the draw beginning a week today: That’s Saturday 7th October

All other details remain the same i.e. as per our previous post, in regards to the date(s) for the draws themselves. So don’t panic folks those free ticket wristbands are still up for grabs for some lucky winner  All you have to do is visit MakeItWorkshop in Cambridge Walks and register your entry!

We’ll post again later in the week to remind you 🙂



Makeitworkshop is situated inside Cambridge Walks, off Cambridge Arcade, behind the Atkinson Arts Centre, Southport, PR8 1EN.

See you there. We look forward to meeting you!

Telephone:  01704 53 51 23

Find us open
Tuesday to Saturday 12 noon till 5pm

For ourselves, together, for each other… For Southport!



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There are two amazing events run by  NorthWestComicCons coming soon to the North West and we have 6 FREE tickets for 6 lucky winners.

This will be Leigh’s first comic con and it takes place on Saturday 25th November 2017.

Classic Arcade Games available on the day; Props from Film and TV and opportunities to have photographs taken with the famous guests at both events.

Have your picture taken with John Leeson, his character K-9 and the iconic police box Tardis.  Dr Who stars John Leeson, Rosie Jane and Jon Davey will be among the famous faces at the Comic-Con event at Leigh Leisure Centre.

Southport Comic Con takes place on Saturday 24th February 2018 at the Convention Centre.  We have the wonderful Sylvester McCoy, Brian Wheeler, Sandeep Mohan and  Norman Lovett.

Both events will be truly amazing for young and old enthusiasts alike and we, MakeItWorkshop, are literally going to be giving away, yes! You heard it right “giving away” 4 tickets for the Leigh event and 2 for Southport!


All you have to do is pop along to MakeItWorkShop CIC, fill out your  Name, Email and Contact Number on a piece of paper and post it in our special Free Prize Draw box.  The draws will take place on Friday 27th October for the 4 Leigh Comic Con tickets and on Friday 1st December for the 2 Southport Comic Con tickets. Both draws will take place inside our ‘fast becoming famous’ (we hope) fundraising shop in Cambridge Walks behind the Atkinson Arts Centre.

So get yourself down there from next Saturday and submit your entry. You could be one of the lucky winners!

Makeitworkshop is situated on Cambridge Walks, Cambridge Arcade, Southport, PR8 1EN.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Telephone: 01704 53 51 23

Find us open:
Tuesday to Saturday 12 noon till 5pm

For ourselves, together, for each other… For Southport



“HandMade by Helen” … Quality Must-Have Italian Leather Goods…

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Purses/Bags, Ornaments, Eyeglass holders and much more….. “Mulberry” Trained Machinist….. Christmas gifts with a difference. Unique and hand made. Come Check Them Out at MakeItWorkshop!

This really is a first for MakeItWorkShop.  We have been so fortunate to acquire the skills of the wonderful Helen who has trained at “Mulberry” one of the leading handbag  labels.  Helen worked at “Mulberry” making luxury leather handbags and is no stranger to the leather industrial sewing machine.  Not only was Helen taught complex hand-cutting techniques from a senior member of the bag-making team, she was taught a range of skills: cutting, stitching, skiving (shaving off the edges of the leather pieces so the pieces sit right together on the seams) and inking (dyeing the exposed leather edges in tones that compliment the leather).

Using a variety of wonderful materials which include Italian leather, iridescent leather, Glittered leather, Snake skin and Faux Crocodile, Helen has created a range of wonderful goods exclusively for MakeItWorkShop.


Pull-Up Coin Purses IMG_5662

Dependant of the type of leather used prices range from £6 to £12 for the Pull-Up Purse.

Make Up Purses


Iridescent £15……Detailed £12…… Glitter £12…

Top Zip Purse


Prices range from £6 to £10 for normal Italian leather.  Snake skin £15 and Faux Crocodile £14.

Bag Ornaments and Key Rings


Both come complete with a split ring and lobster clip.  Prices range from £5 to £10 depending on size.

Pince Nez/Eyeglass Cases Fully lined


Cases are £15 for Italian Leather.  If Snake skin or specialised leather is used, prices will reflect this.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS ……extra lobster clips and split rings can be added along with Zoot suit chains to desired lengths. Prices on request.

Makeitworkshop CIC
Cambridge Walks
(Off Cambridge Arcade & Eastbank Street)

Telephone: 01704 53 51 23

Open:  Tuesday to Saturday 12 noon to 5pm