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Beautiful And Easy To Wear. Original Victorian Pince Nez Sunglasses.

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These are unisex and unique, not to mention totally unique to us, here at MakeItWorkshop: The ONLY place where you can see and buy a full range of this totally customised eyewear! A perfect choice for those looking for something very retro and very different.  A conversation starter and fashion statement.
Vintage and retro style. Ideal for Cosplay, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Rave, Urban, Gothic wear, or just simple everyday use. Totally cool eyewear for any occasion.


In the 21st Century, made famous by the enigmatic character of Morpheus in the film The Matrix, or remember Gary Oldman’s Dracula from the film of the same name, Pince Nez eyeglasses have emerged again from the shadows of the past to form some of the coolest and utterly minimalistic eyewear EVER created. In recent years the advent of Steam Punk as a fashion theme has continued this phenomenon into the present day.

The Pince Nez concept (a French term meaning literally “Pinch the Nose” and pronounced “Pans-Ney”) was developed in or around the early 1800’s. Up until that time the wearing of eye glasses (not ‘spectacles’ remember – they came much later!) had been an almost necessary evil and although the idea of perching eyeglasses on the top of your nose wasn’t new, the actual invention of the Pince Nez, took place in France around the 1840’s. Throughout the 19th Century Victorian optical engineers laboured over the challenge of how to keep a pair of Eyeglasses on your nose. Some of the designs they created are truly ingenious and, by the latter part of the 19th Century, they had conquered that challenge! True Pince Nez came in two main types: The ‘C’ Bridge and the Fixed Bridge. The discovery of Astigmatism however, and the need to correct for this gave rise to two further designs: The Finger Piece (a type of Fixed Bridge – that used individually sprung “plaqueta“ or platelet nose pads to hold the glasses snugly upon the bridge of the nose) and the Spring Bridge (or “Astig” – that used a tensioned spring between the lenses), both of which were invented in Britain, although the former saw far more prominence in the US than in Europe. By the end of the 19th Century “Pince Nez accounted for over three quarters of all eyewear” and, even into the early 20th Century Pince Nez Eyeglasses continued to fulfil the need for a minimalist, lightweight, secure and unobtrusive form of eyewear (highly favoured by women). By the 1920’s however, the wearing of Eyeglasses all but died out and the era (and marketing!) of Spectacles with ‘temples’ (or arms) began in earnest. However, for the discerning amongst us Eyeglasses in all their various forms have never truly lost their appeal nor practicality.

Victorian Eyeglasses were made from a range of materials: from rubber to wood, steel, silver, gold and even platinum for richer clients! By the late 19th Century however, the use of 12-14 carat Rolled Gold (a particularly high quality gold and base metal fusing process) became almost standard. Pince Nez reading glasses or sunglasses of the type you see pictured here – and there were numerous different designs, some of which date back to the mid nineteenth century or earlier, are probably the most versatile form of eye wear you will ever experience and will serve most people with ease. When fitted correctly they are surprisingly secure, despite the fact that they have no arms.

The MakeItWorkshop Eyeglass Project
Pince Nez have arrived (again) in Victorian Southport….. But this time around they are very, very different!

It is almost impossible unless you yourself have experienced them to describe just how practical these antique eye glasses actually are! If you are willing to invest in MakeItWorkShop by purchasing a pair of these amazing hand-fitted creations of ours (…with the help of a few ingenious Victorians) we will in turn help YOU to realise that truly unique Antique/Modern coolness that Pince Nez Eyeglasses embody!

From Vintage telephones, to Vintage and Retro Collectables, to Up-Cycled Furniture and Crafts, Vintage Eyeglasses have now emerged to become one of MakeitWorkshop’s latest fundraising projects. This project has been a long time in the making as we needed to source the machinery and hand tools for creating these wonderful pieces of Retro-fitted Eyewear, nevertheless our fundraising shop now stocks a range of Frames, Finger Pieces and Bridges, all of which can be retro-fitted with modern sunglass, reading and/or prescription lenses either off-the-shelf or custom made to your personal specifications.

Take a look and see what so-called ‘quality’ plastic sunglasses are being sold for. Like with cars, it is becoming harder and harder to differentiate one set of sunglasses from another! With prescription glasses, the prices being paid rise to a whole new level….. £200 to £400+ …and that’s just the start!

In the U.S. and elsewhere original Pince Nez sell for up to $200! And even modern-day Pince Nez made from cheap plastics, and that even for the ones worth buying, go for a minimum 100 Euros. CLICK HERE to see some current prices. Some manufacturers however, go way beyond that. These may be made of solid gold but take a look at the prices:

Quote: “The prices of our pince-nez, i.e. the mechanism with demo lenses… start from EUR 2,300

The reason for this is of course, that the skills needed to produce them are becoming harder and harder to find in today’s modern world.

At MakeItWorkshop, where we create and sell things to raise funds to sustain us and for our community and not to make profit, prices begin from as little as £55! We are even considering a cheaper range for younger people who though they may have little money will surely enjoy the vintage cool that these Eyeglasses exude – so come and ‘sweet talk’ us and we may do you a less expensive pair, so long as you get out there and promote for us! The actual price will depend on the approx age of the frame or bridge which, although hard to determine (as these Eyeglass frames were rarely dated), we do know for certain pre-date the 1920’s. Things that will effect the selling price are therefore: bridge size and design, unusualness i.e. rarity, followed by lens colour, lens pattern (shape) and type of mounting, along with any optional mirrored coatings or higher value polarized lenses. We also stock a range of genuine Victorian Eyeglass accessories such as vintage cases,  our own handmade cases and/or pouches plus lanyards or fine gold chains and ear loops for true authenticity.

The shaded lenses that we are hand retro-fitting to these true antique Eyeglasses are custom cut from ultra-lightweight Polycarbonate and are shatter-proof. Our range of available rimless or rimmed lens shapes and curves is growing by the day and at the present time we hold lens patterns for the following, all of which are hand-finished and fitted:

– Standard Small or Medium Oval
 – Small or Medium Dropped Oval
 – Rounded Small or Elongated Rectangle (unique to MakeItWorkshop)
 – Classic Small or Medium Full Round

There is no doubt that Pince Nez Eyeglasses work best with smaller lenses and the Base (or Curve) of the lens will determine how close a fit these will achieve in practice. I am indebted to one of my female colleagues for suggesting that for the ladies a less rounded fit is more comfortable, whereas for the men, a closer fit may be preferable. Personally I prefer closer fitting lenses as these give a sense of both security and protection.

Coming soon (watch this space…..):

– Square
 – Hexagonal
 – Half Moon (more suitable as reading glasses)
 – Medium Teardrop

It really is down to your personal preference but whatever your wish, we will do our best to create something specifically for ‘you’ and you alone, either off-the-shelf or custom made; prescription or otherwise!

At the present time we stock a good range of Spring Bridge (Astig) frames, most of the Finger-Piece bridge sizes and shapes that were ever produced, and a small select number of much older C-Bridge mountings.

So come and visit us at MakeItWorkshop inside of Cambridge Walks, behind the Atkinson and try a pair. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Also see us at the up-coming Comic Con event at the Southport Convention Centre on Saturday 16th September, where we hope to have a good range of Eyeglasses available for purchase on our stand.

** Remember, you don’t just buy things from MakeItWorshop, you invest in us and in return we give you something totally unique!

Based at the heart of Southport we can be accessed via Merseyrail at Southport station and from Lord Street and Eastbank Street, supported by Stagecoach and Arriva buses.

MakeItWorkshop is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise run entirely by volunteers for the community….. And nothing else!

8-10 Cambridge Walks
Cambridge Arcade
01704 535123


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Now you can send your donations via text…..fundraising for Muscular Dystrophy UK I’d love your support! Text MIWS73 £1 to 70070 to sponsor me today. Thanks.

click the link for our full story and link to our JustGiving Page.

Yeh!!!!! Get rid of the Boss! AND Raise funds for Muscular Dystrophy

MakeItWorkshop CIC



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Apparently it isn’t 15,000 feet….. It’s ONLY 3,000 feet….. and, because he’s so old, they’ll push him out head-first… just in case he breaks his hip!…..

We thought we’d better let the Boss know … so he doesn’t have to worry unecessarily 😉

Yeh!!!!! Get rid of the Boss! AND Raise funds for Muscular Dystrophy.

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Here we go…. Geronimo!!!!!
The Members of MakeItWorkshop CIC (Community interest Company) a company IN Southport, FOR Southport and run by LOCAL people, have got together and decided that they don’t care too much for their Boss…. So, in order to get shot of him they bought him a 60th Birthday present…. You’ve guessed it: A Parachute Jump!
But not to be out done, Ray (who isn’t as daft as he looks – or thinks he looks!) decided that he would make them all feel guilty for ‘doing him in‘ by using his present – a jump to his death from 15,000 feet! to raise funds for a cause that is extremely close to MIW’s heart: Muscular Dystrophy!

“It’s absolutely wonderful!” said Lisa, herself a sufferer of MD and who, along with her Mum Fred (who is also a member of MIW and produces the most beautiful up-cycled furniture designs you’ve ever seen!) struggles each and every day with this terrible disease…..”Now we can achieve both ends (Gulp!) at the same time….. Raise funds for everyone who is fighting MD in their daily lives, AND Get rid of the Boss! It’s a double Whammy!!!!!”

“So” said Debz our amazing Promotions person, “get along to MakeItWorkshop in Cambridge Walks, down the side of the Entertainer, behind the Atkinson and opposite Cranberry’s cafe, PR8 1EN…. Get your wallets out and rid Southport of Ray, whilst doing something good at the same time! It’s a win-win situation folks…..”Geronimo!!!!!”

We will also be at Southport Comic Con on Saturday 16th September and will have our sponsorship form with us at MakeItWorkShop’s Trade Table  in Southport Convention Centre…. CLICK HERE for more information.

Its for a brilliant charity and MakeItWorkShop is proud to be sending our Boss Ray up to do this amazing parachute jump (…with any luck he won’t come down again.

Any support you can give would be brilliant. Nothing is ever too small.

Pop in and see us at

MakeItWorkShop CIC
8-16 Cambridge Walks
off Cambridge Arcade

01704 535123

Opening times:
Tuesday to Saturday 12 noon till 5pm

Southport Comic Con Sat 16th Sept 2017 @ Southport Convention Centre

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This September….. we are off to COMIC CON!

Yes! MakeItWorkShop CIC will be attending this years Southport Comic Con.

Get the date in your dairy  Saturday 16th September 2017 10am till 4pm at the Convention Centre.  In it’s second year, this wonderful event is run by NorthWestComicCon (NWCC).  Family-Focussed, Friendly & Fun with fantastic guests, entertainment and a vast array of trade stalls, which this year includes US!

Well, some amazing guests for a start.  The awesome Sylvester McCoy, known for his role as the 7th Incarnation of the Doctor  in the television series Dr Who 1987 to 1989  and as the wizard Radagast the Brown in The Hobbit.

There is also the Policebox Photobooth where you can step into the Tardis and have your photo taken.

Also attending will be Norman Lovett best known for the role of Holly during 1st, 2nd, 7th and 8th series of Red Dwarf.

If your a fan of Star Wars then come meet Brian Wheller  who played an Ewok and a Jawa in Star Wars -Return Of The Jedi.  He has also played numerous roles in television.

There is also Sandeep Moran who has had a recent role in The Force Awakens and Rogue One.

The Arcade Club Bury will be attending  who have hundreds of awesome original retro video game machines.  They will be bringing a selection along and will be FREE  to play on.

A great family friendly convention for T.V, Film and comic themes.  Retro gaming and great value family passes available, and Remember! under 5’s go FREE.


Lots to see and do and obviously lots of Cosplay!   If you see this group called The Heroic Alliance please stop and grab a photo, they are supporting  The Make A Wish Foundation.


New guests and annoucements can be found by checking out the NWCC website at or on their Facebook page:


MIW will be setting up from 7.30am and we look forward to seeing you all from 10am onwards.   It’s  going to be really exciting and some of us will be in Cosplay featuring in particular our newest fundraising idea: the cooolest sunglass/eyeglasses you will ever have seen! Remember Morpheus? Well that will give you a clue but, if you want to know more, get yourselves along to the event!

Here is  a small taster of what we will be bringing.  And we might have another surprise or two.

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Whether your a fan of sci-fi, comic books, movies, retro or vintage, there is always something on offer from MIW!

MIW are a community company based in Southport. Find us here:-

8-10 Cambridge Walks
Cambridge Arcade

01704 535123

Mad Mad Sale is STILL ON. Come grab An Original Piece Of History. These Are Not Reproductions!! They Have Been Worked On To Be Compatible With Today’s Digital Lines. At MakeItWorkShop CIC Southport.

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They certainly are all centre pieces.  Unique designs ranging from all eras.

The red phone is from 1935 GPO Jade Red vintage model 332. Very classy and looks like Its just come out a 1940’s Hollywood film.

All phones are guaranteed for a full 12 months: all parts and labour free.   And then a nominal charge of around £10 plus parts after that.  A lifetime warranty by any standard.

All are fully functional, converted and working ready to plug into your current telephone socket to use straight away.

These wonderful pieces are on offer at the moment and have had their prices slashed greatly.  We are also open to reasonable offers.

If you love vintage and retro items this is not something to be missed.

we look forward to seeing you really soon.


MakeItWorkShop CIC

6-10 Cambridge Walks

Cambridge Arcade



tel…01704 535123




Never Mind The X Factor… The Wow Factor Is here In Southport Inspiring Eclectic Furniture and Canvas Artwork by Fred In The Shed Based At MakeItWorkShop CIC

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Its always great to see design projects reinvented.
Fred In The Shed is a part of MakeItWorkShop CIC that can create something wonderful from something old, discarded, forgotten and abandoned.

An array of vibrant furniture and bespoke pieces of artwork, the results are nothing less then spectacular.

For those of you who are interested in creating an environment that reflects their own  personal style.

From vintage to modern there is something for every taste.  All handpainted and individually designed.

Pop in and check out our bespoke designs and unique pieces of art on canvas.

MakeItWorkShop CIC

14 Cambridge Walks

Cambridge Arcade


PR 8 1EN

Tel :- 01704 535123

Email :-

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Sat 12 noon to 4.30pm