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MakeItCycles: Another Update…

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The number of customer repairs got a bit out of hand for a while, but I think we are getting on top of that work, now… So, by way of an update, for all you budding cyclists out there… here’s the latest on those all important Community Bikes…

We now have a few bikes that have been sponsored by some wonderful caring individuals, both from Southport and beyond! … and, who wish to remain nameless… This means that we will be giving away at least a few bikes for FREE (though there are some important conditions attached to the offer). Please read on…

We are going to limit the offer of a FREE bike to people who work in the Care or NHS Sectors…Β  We are not going to do an exhaustive security check on you (even if we were able to; CIA, MI5 an’all that πŸ™‚ ) … but so long as you can prove that you work in these sectors, there may be a FREE bike with your name on it!

So watch this space! Another couple of customer repairs to do then we’ll get started fixing up those FREE bikes: First come, first served!!

MakeItCycles: Another Update…

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Well, we got some more bikes in. We’ve upped the price a little, though, but not too much, as we know only too well that folksy’s finances are a little stretched at the moment…. A couple have already gone back out into the community.

Remember, you aren’t just buying a second-hand bike but, a bike that has been fully serviced for road-worthy-ness and safety. Plus there are no issues as to where you need to bring any teething problems back to, as the bikes are guaranteed to be fully working when they leave us, aside from punctures (but serves you right for riding over thorns πŸ˜‰

It’s been a busy few weeks. We might only open at 12:00 but we’ve been lucky to get out of the Workshop by 7:00!

Still, we’re not complaining… That’s what we’re here for πŸ™‚

So, here’s the offer again: A fully serviced second-hand bike for max Β£35! We’ve got some Adult (Male and Female) and some childrens bikes in the Workshop now… Plus we’re happy to service your existing bike: Full Service Β£35, or less, if it’s a specific problem you need us to sort for you.

Just waiting to get you out riding again!

Bye for now folks… Hopefully see you soon πŸ™‚

MakeItCycles: 01704 53 51 23 or mobile: 0793 027 7240

MakeItCycles: An Update

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As you’ll probably already know we’ve been doing our best to offer a range of economy bikes to the community for use during the lock down. Demand has been high but don’t despair πŸ™‚

If you are still looking for an affordable bike (adults or childrens) we are hoping to get more bikes in over the next few days!Β Once these are fully serviced and road-worthy we shall be offering them for sale between Β£25-35 (depending on quality and/or the work that we need to do on them to make them ready for sale). Or, if you are looking for something a little better, we have a reasonable range of as-new, second-user, vintage and BMX machines; all fully serviced and ready to ride-away.

If some of you out-there are really struggling finance-wise please, please, please still come and see us! We can usually find something to suit most budgets!

The MakeItCycles Bike Project is open from 12:00 to 5:00 pm each day, but remember, it’s always better to ring ahead, so that we can be certain of being here to meet you when you come visit. As the main arcade is currently locked-down, we are for the time being accessible from the rear entrance to Cambridge Walks, which is in Sharrock Street (behind the Atkinson Arts Centre)

Call Us: 01704 53 51 23 or mob: 0793 027 7240

Keep Safe, Keep Healthy.

Best Wishes

The (small) MakeItCycles Team


Calling All Cyclists!

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MakeItCycles, formerly a project of MakeItWorkshop but now fully independent, whilst still closely collaborating and pursuing the same aims as MIW… are endeavoring to remain open in Southport Town Centre as a service to local cyclists for servicing, repairs and parts.

As a non-profit Social Enterprise, the aim is to get people riding or, to keep people riding, out on the road during the lock-down.Β  Above all we really shouldn’t abuse this privilege so, if you are out and about on your bike, KEEP YOUR DISTANCE!

MIC will check over your bike if you need us to; pay if you can or, simply make a small donation, just to keep us going… It’s been a real joy to help people who’ve brought their bikes to us, so that they can be confident in their road-worthiness and, to know that there is somewhere that they can bring their bikes if there are any problems with the machinery!

Bikes really aren’t that complicated but, we’ve been doing this for a long time now and sometimes it’s easier to get some expert advice rather than struggling to fix it yourself. Don’t struggle; just come and see us!

Make sure the tyres are good, the brakes, the wheels, the gears and those all-important bearings!

Keep cycling folks! We are here to help… if you need us ❀



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The loss of the last two Cycle Shops in Southport Town Centre now leaves us as the ONLY Sales and Repair outlet in the central part of the town. Careful and Caring, that’s what we are to our local community’s cyclists; from a simple puncture to replacement tyres or tubes; a small repair to a major upgrade or re-build… As a non-profit, our aim is to look after our fellow cyclists. And, as cyclists ourselves, we understand the issues and the need for economical solutions to those everyday problems of safely ‘staying on the road’.Β  So, whether you just potter around town or head out further afield (perhaps even to the nearest hill climb – my favorite!)…Β  Pop-in and see us when you get the chance, even if it’s just to have a chat. You’ll be most welcome πŸ™‚