300Series_Sketch_Jul14MakeIt Telephones

If you looking for a new telephone then MakeItWorkshop is the place for you. We have a large and varied selection of phones dating from the early 20th Century through to the modern day, along with novelty telephones sourced from across the world, all of which are highly collectable.

All of the telephones we sell are fully checked, reconditioned and were necessarily converted for use on the modern system. All are compatible with modern BT sockets…  so if you’re looking for a phone that is just that little bit different or a rarer vintage or antique phone then we probably have what you are looking for, and all at very reasonable prices!

Below is just a small selection in pictures of the range of phones that we have in the shop. To find out more either call in the shop for a chat or ring us and we will be glad to tell you what we have in stock, We are also able to source particular phones if you have that special request in mind. so please feel free to give us a call:

* Above image courtesy of the MIWS Art Project (‘Thank you” Sue)


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