Who We Are

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We are

…a not-for-profit Social Enterprise run entirely by volunteers.

MakeITWorkshop runs a fundraising shop/workshop in the town centre inside Cambridge Walks. We are part of a project-based network of closely-related MakeIt enterprises both within the same arcade and more recently at another small unit in Princes Street. Most of the items we offer for sale are donated. We also have fully equipped workshops where we test or repair items and generally check them over before putting them out to sell.

The funds we raise are used firstly to keep the company and its projects going (i.e. to pay the bills!) and then for community or charitable work.

The items we sell both centrally and through the projects range from vintage, retro and novelty Telephones (the older ones refurbished and converted for use on modern phone systems) to Up-cycled Furniture, Arts & Crafts, Electricals, Media, Cycles, Collectables. and much more…

Below are Links to some of the charitable and community causes we support (or have supported – for a comprehensive list please visit our LINKS page) :

Men’s Sheds

Tools with a Mission

Tools for Self Reliance

Age UK

….. and others

Tell us what you think please!

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