Who & Where

We are…

We proudly call Make it Workshop Southport’s Hidden Gem. As a Community Interest Company we work hard with our town. We offer opportunities to grow skills and expertise as well as a unique shopping experience at our Cambridge Walks HQ.

We have fully have various fully equipped repair rooms where we test/repair items for the shop and general public.

In our shop we sell a range of items, from retro & vintage items to old and novelty telephones, as well as a well stock supply of Sci-fi and Fantasy items. It’s no joke when we say we’re a treasure trove of unique items and nostalgia.

Where we are…

Our fundraising shop is based in the Cambridge Walks arcade that runs along the back of the Atkinson Arts Centre. The Walks are accessible either from Cambridge Arcade (which connects Chapel Street with Lord Street) or from the top of Eastbank Street.

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