The Southport Town Centre First Campaign

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Read a short front-page article in the Champion this week about this.

Can’t help but agree that the large super/hypermarkets, moving to the outskirts of the town are dragging people away from the town centre. Look at the town and you can see it clearly. Small shops cannot survive without shoppers. We can see the effects all around us with units falling empty. It is likely the case everywhere across the country. We’ve heard people tell of town centres literally falling derelict.

When people come to visit a town like ours they do not come to visit the supermarkets. These they can see back in their own towns; the same supermarkets, the same things to buy, the same rush, the same huge car-parks, the same, the same, everywhere. It is boring and it makes a drudgery out of our communities and our lives; from shoppers we evolve into consumers. Town centres slowly die.

But there is newness in Cambridge Walks, though few yet have noticed. The Walk is alive again after years of being empty. The shops offer things, beautiful things and an interaction, a pleasure, an attraction, a motive, that supermarkets will never be able to compete with, no matter how big they get and no matter how many car parking spaces they provide nor prices they pretend to cut.

“what a wonderful shop!”; “how long have you been here?”

We have been here for well over a year and a half….. We are building something wonderful, something good and Southport owns it, not shareholders nor banks….. Where have you been all that time?

Tell us what you think please!

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