History: It’s in the past!

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Lisa and I gave a talk yesterday to a small group of people telling them about who we are and where we came from (which you can read about HERE).

As usual the talk covered our early history and, although we could discuss our history forever and a day, especially those who (like myself) lived through it, I got to wondering what exactly it was we were saying, and how others would hear it? It reminded me of a comment once made in the early days, a response to what we said we thought we were at that time: A workShop for refurbishing tools for Africa? “…..You are not just a workshop, nor a charity. You ARE a company! …..and a workshop is part of what you do NOT EVERYTHING YOU DO!

Although this opened my eyes and probably gave rise to much of the development we have since made as a company, yesterday’s talk and the way we told people about ourselves opened them even wider.

So we can’t simply be tethered to the our past.

Thirteen Projects and growing. 22 People and growing. We are asking for people to join us, and through their ideas and their energy and commitment shape our future

Tell us what you think please!

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