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The Future…

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Southport Town Centre is, as are many other town centers, suffering a serious downturn in fortune. Commercially, the town is dying a slow, slow death; the internet, the cost of running a business, the rates, and local taxation is placing a stranglehold on the town the likes of which we have never before seen. Working for yourself and making an honest living is not what it used to be. The pressures are enormous, and, for Southport, catastrophic!

But, there is a glimmer of hope, and not just hope but action!

We have been here, now, for 8 long years; for me, personally, a significant victory.  How to run a business, not for profit, but for a Community, nothing more, nothing less… How it used to be, perhaps? The Butcher, the Baker, the candlestick maker 🙂

Just because we don’t Post too often, does not mean that our efforts have been any less than they have always been.

Come and support us, invest in us, and we, in our turn, will continue to do what we do: True Social Enterprise, at its best 🙂


These Guys are brilliant, too!

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Remember GIGA (GetItGoingAgain)?

We knew it wasn’t a new idea, but who cares who thought it up, so long as we’re doing it 🙂

So, take a look at what’s happening in Liverpool:

Our own events were running during 2018/19. This is how we launched them, back in early 2018:

It was big thing for MIW to get that started, and, thanks to MRWA it brought in some much needed funds to supplement our other fundraising activities. Since then, and during last year, though, our staffing somewhat fell away, especially the skill-sets we needed to run the repair events. But, now, there’s some new light down the road, centred on a couple of new potential recruits to MIW, both engineers, one of small stuff, one of large (very large!) stuff. Remember the original film Flight of the Pheonix? That was one clear proof that when it comes to getting things going again… size really doesn’t matter 😉

So, all being well, we should be able to get GIGA up and running again, hosted by MakeItRepair in Market Street.

Here’s a Call Out for anybody out there in our community or close by, who has time on their hands and loves fixing things? Come and join us! The commitment isn’t that great, just a couple of afternoons a month, using your time and skill to give back to your local community.

Watch this space, or check out our facebook page:


A sad “goodbye” to our Debster

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Really sad to have to say “goodbye” to our Debz 😥


After years of faithful service to the wonderful MIW cause Debz, due to health and family pressures, has had to leave MIW.  Debz who has done so much brilliant promotions work for our Community company will be an extremely hard act to follow. All over the web like a rash, it’s due to all of her hard work that there are far more people out-and-about in our community and beyond who have now heard of MIW and as a result support the work we do in so many different ways; Donating items to us, bringing in their repairs, and buying things when they are able to. Without Debz we would be so much the poorer.

Despite the fact that she has been forced to leave us, I’m sure Debz will continue to keep in touch and pop into the shop as and when she can.

We’ll make sure Martin (our resident tea-smith) has the kettle on ready for your well-deserved cuppa Debz! And, if we get any unusual Whovian stuff, we’ll be sure to put it on one side special for you!

Good luck Lass… and we all hope to see you very soon!

Edge Hill Sustainability Fair

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Miws at Edge Hill Sustainability Fair. Youtube link

Talking to people about our phone project, bike project, victorian eye glass project, our GIGA events and so much more. All this while repainting an old dolls house with Annie Sloan paint.

What a fabulous day it’s been. Its been lovely talking to like minded people who are interested in reducing their carbon footprint and explaining options available other then PUT IT IN THE BIN first.

Edge Hill University Sustainability Fair 27th Feb 10.30am to 2pm

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MakeItWorkShop CIC will be at Edge Hills Sustainability Fair tomorrow Wednesday 27th February between 10.30am till 2pm. We will be discussing how to cut down on Landfill by repair, reusing , recycling, repurposing, donating to charity/regift or selling on. We live in a THROW AWAY LIFE STYLE, upgrading phones and electronics that still work perfectly fine to changes in tastes for furniture. Do you have items gathering dust in the corners of your accommodation? Were you thinking of tipping them in the refuse? We have the recycling bins for paper, plastic, and glass, but do you have a recycling receptacle for electronic waste?

Electronic waste or E-waste as its cimmonly known has many components that are poisonous to people and land, such as lead, mercury, and arsenic.

Overall, the benefits from recycling your old computer, laptop, lamp, toaster ect are huge, because of the dangerous environmental impact non-recycled or improperly disposed electronics create towards the planet. Moreover, these discarded objects are also a rich source of metals. Your average smartphone contains about 24mg of gold — which adds up to about £17.90 per unit. Computer parts such as processors, RAMs, motherboards, hard drives, CD and DVD drives contain gold, silver and palladium. We hope to show you the options available for electronic, furniture, household items to reduce landfill, reduce your carbon footprint and save you money aswell.