Romance and Love – Are You Planning Your Wedding – Beautiful and Stunning Wedding Dresses at MakeItWorkShop – Stand Out From The Crowd And Be The Centre Of Attention For All The Right Reasons – This One Is A Size UK 10

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An absolute stunner.  This beautiful Wedding Dress is size UK 10 and has buttons up the back of the bodice.  It is boned to give a sensual shape.  That along with the scooped neckline, gives off the essence of Grace Kelly and Hollywood.

A Full skirt with multi layered netting and lining beneath.  Boned fitted bodice with satin covered buttons up the back.  It is a timeless piece.  In immaculate condition.

This particular dress will be on our Ebay selling page and a link will be added soon as it is live for you to click and connect to.

Pop in and see this gorgeous dress for yourself and the other wedding dresses that we have.  Many of them are vintage. 

We are based at MakeItWorkShop, CMbridge Walks, Cambridge Arcade, Eastbank Street, Southport, PR8 1EN.  telephone 01704 535123.       Opening hours Tuesday to Saturday 12noon to 5pm.  

We have an array of retro, vintage and collectors pieces.  Come along we would love to see you.

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We would love to see you.  Drop in and see what wonderful items we have in stock for that special gift.

We are at Cambridge Walks, Cambridge Arcade, Eastbank Street, Southport, PR8 1EN telephone 01704 535123.

Valentine’s Day Is on the Horizon – The Day Of Romance – Are You Ready? Surprise Your Loved One With Something Completely Different – If Your Partners One In A Million – Spoil Them With A Unique Gift From MakeItWorkShop

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Valentine’s Day, the day of romance is looming on the horizon again.   What is it all about?   

Valentine’s Day has its origins rooted in the Roman Fertility Festival called Lupercalia.  Through out the ages it has grown and changed .   

St Valentine was a priest who was ruled over by Emperor Claudius.  Marriage was banned for Roman Soldiers but Valentine continued to carry out marriage ceremonies.   He was arrested and sentenced to death.   Couples came and left roses for the priest and on February 14th he was executed.  

In the 17th  centuary  people started to exchange cards and love letters.  

Valentine’s Day usually means red roses, heart shaped boxes of chocolates, jewellery or even a proposal of marriage or engagement.

It is a big deal for a lot of people, so whatever you have planned for February 14th this year, make it memorable.  It doesn’t have to cost a fortune or be elaborate.   Making your loved one feel special is essential.  Anticipation is half the fun of a romantic surprise.

Why not give your loved one something completely different, something unusual, something that will make them gasp with delight.  

Pop into MakeItWorkShop at Cambridge Walks, Cambridge Arcade, Eastbank Street, Southport, PR8 1EL telephone 01704 535123.   We have a vast range of quirky, retro, unusual, vintage items for that little something different to make your gift stand out from the crowd.  

From vintage telephones that are ready to plug in and use,  antiques, collectables, paintings, coins, jewellery, bad taste bears to name but a few.   We would love to see you.  We are open Tuesday to Saturday 12 noon to 5pm.