An Awesome Collection of Eagle, Judge Dredd, Civil War Spider-Man, Essential X-Men, Wolverine Unleashed, The Avengers Unleashed and Many More at MakeItWorkShop 

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I have never seen so many fantastic comics in one place.   It truely is a sight to behold and has to be seen to be appreciated.

Southport is the host to Comic Con twice a year, and a huge amount of cosplayers will descend homaging  characters from these very comics.  June 26th at The Prince of Wales Hotel and September 17th at Southports Convention Centre and they are both huge events attended by people from all over the country.

MakeItWorkShop has a vast array of these comics and each one has an amazing price of £1-50.   The special collection editions in plastic covers are £5-00.  Issues date as far back as into the 1980’s. A real must for a collector of Marvel memorabilia.  We would love to see you.  As a fellow cosplayer I look forward to meeting you at both conventions and hopefully see you at our shop.

Pop in and see the collection.

8-10 Cambridge Walks

Cambridge Arcade



Telephone 01704 535123


Telephone Of The Week – An Amazing James Bond Inspired 007 Gold Rotary Dial Telephone – GPO 746 Series – A Real Collectors Item – £100 

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What an amazing piece of history and movie memorabilia.   An absolute must for any Bond Fans out there.  

“Another ‘once-only’ customised GPO Telephone from MakeItWorkShop. The phone is dated 1969. Coloured to match the telephone used by Goldfinger, James Bond’s arch-enemy from the 1960’s film of the same name. 

This one is a stunner, even the dial label is customised with the 007 logo! All original components for this phone, the 746, once stated to be… “the most reliable telephone ever produced!” 

Ready to plug into your phone line and use straight away.

It’s an absolute snap at £100 as this is so unique, but as always we are open to all reasonable offers.  

“The phone is guaranteed for a full 12 months: all parts and labour free…. and then a nominal charge of around £10 plus parts after that; a lifetime Warranty by any standards. Hope you like her as much as we do! 😉

The amazing James Bond Movie Poster Book is also available for £20. 

Call in and see her at our Community Enterprise based at Cambridge Walks, Cambridge Arcade, Eastbank Street, Southport,  PR8 1EN.   Telephone enquiries are always welcome.  You can also visit our webpage “” for more information about what our community enterprise does, or apply to become a volunteer.   We look forward to hearing from you.