The MakeItShops

20130924_134119The MakeIt ‘Fundraising’ Shops: 

We have three fundraising shops in the Arcade

  • A Curiosity Shop (see pic)
  • A Furniture Restoration & Home Shop
  • A Cycle Repair Shop

Though all part of MIW, each shop is unique in its own right and not only provide us with the fundraising capacity we depend upon to survive but also we believe the kinds of shops that Southport needs to bring uniqueness to the town centre for local people and visitors alike.

For those of you who follow us we have recently opened a further unit at 16 Princes Street, PR8 1EZ, our first unit outside of Cambridge Walks and where, at least for the time being, we will be running Public events that focus upon Recycling and Repair rather than throwing things away. To find out more about GIGA (Get It Going Again) CLICK HERE

Over time the aim is to build a gallery of images from each of the shops. Watch out for more pictures of the Furniture and Cycle shops to follow in next few weeks


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