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The Furniture and Craft Centre are taking a little longer to get up-and-running than we first thought… but heh! we are all unpaid volunteers here, we are doing our best.

I’d like to say that things are imminent but let’s be realistic and say “it’ll be there as soon as possible; say, a little less than imminent”

Keep checking back … it WILL happen. Meanwhile keep them donations rolling in, we need all manner of stuff for sale in the shop… that we raise funds for this enterprise of ours is top of the list in importance if, that is, we going to see this thing flourish and if we are to create the community benefit and jobs that we all dream’t of when we set out on this journey last May.


MakeIt UptoDate!

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Well, the MakeIt Shop has opened it’s doors again and seems to be doing fine. The move to our new premises took a lot more out of us than we thought it would, all of us.  The new place is beautiful though, and as they say “pretty cool”; Well lit, warm, classy and, above all safe inside the arcade out of the weather. The old place is being redeveloped into a Toy Shop of all things… it will be interesting to see how we fair when they, our (very) newest neighbors, get open..?

We have our CIC Company name and new flashy ArtDeco logo above the shop these days so there can be no excuses for not spotting us as you walk through the arcade. And bill-boards, soon to be placed at the entrances to the Walks better publicising our presence are sure to attract even more interest.

The place and space is certainly taking on a Retro, Vintage, Antique-y look these days. In truth it just sort of happened that way and we are beginning to enjoy the “…isn’t this an interesting shop!” comments this is starting to elicit; there’s collectables, old phones, old and not so old sewing machines and otherwise all manner of interesting items, curiosities and, of course, our stock-in-trade, tools and the all-important FREE books brought to you by Healthy Planet!

Opening the shop of course, though a not small achievement considering we started from ground zero, from and with nothing… well, this is only a small part of what we as an Enterprise set out to achieve. On the downside, what with the move and all, things have slowed behind the scenes. The development of a workshop, and all that goes with that has been severely hit by the uncertainty surrounding premises, and of course our tenancy. So much so that we are seriously now (and in truth have been for some time) considering our next move as to where we want MakeItWorkshop to be for the future, with one of the options being to relocate part of the enterprise to a more permanent base somewhere else in the town. This will cost money of course (…which we have very little of) so it isn’t an easy step to take. We need to seriously look at our sustainability and the staffing profile needed to create it.

We’ve been a bit slow with broadcasting information and for that we apologise. The plan is to keep readers up-to-date on our progress and of course on our decisions. ‘Community interest’ is at the core of our purpose for being and as well as the folks in our immediate vicinity you also, our readers, are very much a part of that community, even though you may be far from local.

Watch this space for updates… meanwhile get along to the shop, help us raise funds or even better, volunteer your time, talents and commitment towards helping us develop our unique social project!!!

We need your help even more than ever!

p.s. Hope you like the new logo!

Hearing from you..

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Hey guys.

We want to hear from you. If you are in the Southport Area we need just one minute of your time!

What workshops would you like to see in MakeIt Workshop. Whether it’s fixing bicycle tyres to making your own bags, please let us know!

To comment please click on the title above and comment below this post.

Thank you very much for your time! 

We really do appreciate it! 


(MakeIt Workshop Team)

MakeIt Workshop.. A Volunteers Perspective

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I’ve just said goodbye to the make it workshop team, because for six months I will be taking a trip to the Middle East to do some volunteer work. Five weeks ago I would never have thought I’d meet an amazing group like the MakeIt Workshop Team.

It’s amazing how a group of people can suddenly become family.  Here is my insight on my MakeIt Workshop Experience.

I’d planned my trip to Israel a good two years ago and had proceeded to make money in order to pay for my trip. The time came (September 2012) when I had obtained all the money needed for my trip. I found myself left with lots of free time. I decided to commit one day a week to volunteering, the question was – where should I volunteer? 

One afternoon I was walking through Southport and decided to take a peak in MakeIt Workshop. I couldn’t believe how unique the shop was and how many books there was. Other things caught my eye as well, like the friendliness of the staff. Then I saw a sign stating that volunteers where needed. I automatically new MakeIt Workshop was the place for me .

I went on to fill in an application form and after handing it in I was swiftly contacted for an interview. After being accepted I started work the following day.

Everything was perfect and the atmosphere fitted my personality perfectly. I felt right at home from the very first day.

It felt really good to volunteering for a charitable cause as well.

If you would like to give some time to a charitable cause in the Southport Area please do not hesitate. MakeIt Workshop needs volunteers urgently. You could be just the person to help. Whatever skills you have, whatever age you are MakeIt Workshop is in need of you.

Sound like your type of thing?

Pop in and visit us or download an application form online.

Who knows? We may see you soon.


 If you would like to keep up to date with info on Sarah’s trip visit her blog. 



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Please help us to raise funds!

Collect tokens from the Liverpool Echo between Monday 1st October and Saturday 17th November and pop them in to us at the address below, and you will be helping us to raise funds to get our workshop kitted out!

It’s not all ‘plane’ sailing – we just have to ‘hammer’ this home: we only opened officially on August 18th 2012, and all our voluntary contributors are just learning the ‘drill’! Our inspirational 84 year old founder ‘saw’ a great opportunity and now our future success ‘hinges’ on you!