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We did it!

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We achieved one of our main objectives. Bob’s vision of helping to support far off communities less fortunate than ourselves with tools and sewing machines to help them build better and stronger enterprises of their own.

Bob hands cheque for £1025 to Ian Limbrick of TFSR (along with a few sewing machines!)

A week or so back we sent our first consignment of tools and sewing machines via one of our supported charities Tools For Self Reliance, destined for Africa. These items are “likely to head to Sierra Leone in our next shipment” said Ian Limbrick of TFSR. To read the full article and to see MIW Founding Director Bob Jenkins proudly handing over a significant cash donation to TFSR to add to the tools haul, please nip across now to the TFSR website.

It is a very proud moment for all of us at MIW but especially for Bob, whose original vision first formed back at the beginning of 2012. Just to show that working together can make a difference, our collaboration with charities and other CIC’s in the local area has produced something quite unique… and let’s not forget this was all started from nothing but a simple idea!

Our heartfelt thanks go out to Healthy Planet, Exsel CIC, TFSR and especially to Dove Properties (our landlords, who have supported us the best they can since the beginning – see! not ALL landlords are bad.) plus to all and everyone else who have contributed to our achievements so far… Keep it coming folks!!

MIW have gone from strength to strength, diversifying into all manner of socially enterprising activities and now supporting a staff of around 20 volunteers. As a CIC however, i.e. a fully functioning company in all respects except the ‘profit’ part (thank goodness), we continue to work very hard in the hope that one day we will be able to financially support even in a small way paid work opportunities for our staff. We will never be rich. Perhaps we never should be… for it would change the nature of what we set out to do and that very passion that drives our team on towards better and better things… and we mean better for ALL.

Oh my goodness!

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…I’ve left a huge chunk of our story out!

After that last post I scrolled down to read the previous one only to find it was massively out of date… I am so so sorry… Anyhow, enough guilt tripping… suffice it to say we have now got our own workshop premises. We are renting a building at the far end of King Street, where, all being well we shall build our long awaited workshop(s)… My reference to Furniture in that last posting relates to the retro furniture which, as I write, we are creating in the fledgling work-area that will go into creating a ‘distinctive’ and we hope unique furniture shop two doors down from the MakeIt Shop in Cambridge Walks.

So, wish us luck and we hope to see you there in the very near future… watch out in the local printed press, as we are planning to organise some more promotion as and when we are ready.

Bye for now… and once again apologies for that glaring omission.



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The Furniture and Craft Centre are taking a little longer to get up-and-running than we first thought… but heh! we are all unpaid volunteers here, we are doing our best.

I’d like to say that things are imminent but let’s be realistic and say “it’ll be there as soon as possible; say, a little less than imminent”

Keep checking back … it WILL happen. Meanwhile keep them donations rolling in, we need all manner of stuff for sale in the shop… that we raise funds for this enterprise of ours is top of the list in importance if, that is, we going to see this thing flourish and if we are to create the community benefit and jobs that we all dream’t of when we set out on this journey last May.


MakeIt UptoDate!

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Well, the MakeIt Shop has opened it’s doors again and seems to be doing fine. The move to our new premises took a lot more out of us than we thought it would, all of us.  The new place is beautiful though, and as they say “pretty cool”; Well lit, warm, classy and, above all safe inside the arcade out of the weather. The old place is being redeveloped into a Toy Shop of all things… it will be interesting to see how we fair when they, our (very) newest neighbors, get open..?

We have our CIC Company name and new flashy ArtDeco logo above the shop these days so there can be no excuses for not spotting us as you walk through the arcade. And bill-boards, soon to be placed at the entrances to the Walks better publicising our presence are sure to attract even more interest.

The place and space is certainly taking on a Retro, Vintage, Antique-y look these days. In truth it just sort of happened that way and we are beginning to enjoy the “…isn’t this an interesting shop!” comments this is starting to elicit; there’s collectables, old phones, old and not so old sewing machines and otherwise all manner of interesting items, curiosities and, of course, our stock-in-trade, tools and the all-important FREE books brought to you by Healthy Planet!

Opening the shop of course, though a not small achievement considering we started from ground zero, from and with nothing… well, this is only a small part of what we as an Enterprise set out to achieve. On the downside, what with the move and all, things have slowed behind the scenes. The development of a workshop, and all that goes with that has been severely hit by the uncertainty surrounding premises, and of course our tenancy. So much so that we are seriously now (and in truth have been for some time) considering our next move as to where we want MakeItWorkshop to be for the future, with one of the options being to relocate part of the enterprise to a more permanent base somewhere else in the town. This will cost money of course (…which we have very little of) so it isn’t an easy step to take. We need to seriously look at our sustainability and the staffing profile needed to create it.

We’ve been a bit slow with broadcasting information and for that we apologise. The plan is to keep readers up-to-date on our progress and of course on our decisions. ‘Community interest’ is at the core of our purpose for being and as well as the folks in our immediate vicinity you also, our readers, are very much a part of that community, even though you may be far from local.

Watch this space for updates… meanwhile get along to the shop, help us raise funds or even better, volunteer your time, talents and commitment towards helping us develop our unique social project!!!

We need your help even more than ever!

p.s. Hope you like the new logo!

Hearing from you..

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Hey guys.

We want to hear from you. If you are in the Southport Area we need just one minute of your time!

What workshops would you like to see in MakeIt Workshop. Whether it’s fixing bicycle tyres to making your own bags, please let us know!

To comment please click on the title above and comment below this post.

Thank you very much for your time! 

We really do appreciate it! 


(MakeIt Workshop Team)