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This weeks PHONE OF THE WEEK is the amazing TYCO LEGO SUPER BLOCK PUSHBUTTON PHONE.  Made in the 1980’s. Phone features :  ringer may be set at high, low or off : there is a slide out drawer for storage.  It originally came with 18 extra Lego blocks to play with  and add onto the phone.  (there are no extra blocks with this phone)

This is a rare 1980’s phone.   This is a fully functional phone that can be plugged into your landline and used

We are asking for £95.00 but as always we are open to reasonable offers.

Call in and see this beauty.  We are based at Cambridge Walks, Cambridge Arcade, Eastbank Street, Southport.  Telephone 01704 535122 mobile 0793 0277240.  

It’s coming ….. Zero Waste Week!

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It’s on its way…..

Click here for National Zero Waste week 2015

MakeItWorkShop are an active participant in this amazing event, when the whole country comes together in a real and meaningful way to tackle the enormous amount of waste that our society generates…..

Why not get involved, and take that waste that isn’t waste at all and put it to good use….. or as my Gran used to say “recycling! what’s that?….. I don’t throw it away in the first place….. I use it!”

So come on folks, invest in your own community, invest in us.

We are MakeItWorkShop and we look forward to meeting you!

We are Desperate…

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For new volunteers! 5 shops now (if you include the Royal Arcade stall). We need to keep all of the shops going so we can keep raising the funds we need to keep our Community Hub growing and doing good in the community!

So, if you’ve time on your hands and you’re not afraid of a bit of hard work, in a family of really great people, then give us a call, or better still, come in and meet us and see what we’re doing in your town.

Bringing you up-to-date

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Firstly apologies for the loss of posts recently. Tim and I have hopefully fixed the problem now.

So, what’s been happening in and around MIW over the last few weeks…  Well, MakeItWorkShop have now taken over the four shops inside of the Walks and Healthy Planet have now left Southport altogether, though we’re going to try and keep the Books For Free service running, at least in the short term, relying on donated books.

Art for Macmillan (A4M for short) are now firmly established in Unit 12, and so far things are going well for Anton and his team. There are some truly beautiful pieces of art on display and it’s good to know that as well as adorning the Walks these are also raising funds for this extremely worthy cause.

Our latest initiative on much needed fundraising is setting up a stall in the Royal Arcade down on Lord Street (next to Argos). We’ll have a cabinet, prominent as you walk into the emporium and a display area upstairs on the front of the building. So, we should be able to generate income and promote Cambridge Walks at the same time. There’ll be some beautiful phones on show along with a sample of our crafts, collectables, clothing and perhaps even some of our shabby chic furniture creations from Roy and Fred.

Tim’s new computing project is coming along well. We’ve got a good selection of hardware using open-source software (i.e. no costly licensing issues). Tim is also looking wider afield on the internet and working with Kevin (our online guru) has already placed a number of highly sought after items for sale using our ebay shop.

Vintage clothing is also developing nicely, along with fancy dress and other assorted ‘lovelys’. Lisa is so creative. Don’t know what we’d do without her!

Laura is taking to her new role as company secretary and Michelle is back with us after her illness, looking after the Personnel side of things, including of course much needed volunteer recruitment!

So, it’s nearly three years now since we began… doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun!

Wish us well and, if you have any spare money that you are desperate to get rid of…. invest in us! Invest in Southport!

More soon…


Upcoming Event

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Contact: Paul Bradshaw 07761 8435431 or MakeItWorkShop direct using the contact details opposite.

Journalists as well as members of the public are invited to attend the petition delivery event.

“Southport campaigners to deliver NHS petition to MP candidates”

People from Southport will deliver a ‘Save Our NHS’ petition signed by local people to their MP candidates this Saturday 25th April in Cambridge Walks (Adjoining Cambridge Arcade). ALL LOCAL CANDIDATES HAVE BEEN INVITED. 5 OF THE 6 HAVE ALREADY CONFIRMED THEY WILL BE THERE.

The petition will be handed over at 3pm at MakeItWorkshop Community Interest Company by members of independent campaigning movement 38 Degrees, Southport group.

It calls on the MP candidate to do everything they can to protect the NHS from funding squeezes, privatisation, and the TTIP trade deal if they’re elected.

The campaigners will also be challenging their MP candidates to answer questions on exactly how they will protect the NHS if they’re elected on May 7.

Paul Bradshaw, a 38 Degrees member from Southport who’s helping to organise the event said:

“Our NHS has always been there for me and my family when we’ve needed it. The thought of my family being cared for by profit-making companies really scares me. That’s why I’m taking the message to protect our NHS from privatization and funding freezes straight to every MP candidate standing in Southport. We invite anyone in Southport who cares about having a public NHS that’s there for all of us when we need it, to come and join us at Cambridge Walks at 3pm”.

David Babbs, executive director of 38 Degrees said: “We’re sending a clear message to our local MP candidates: you’re being watched by hundreds of us, and we all want you to protect the NHS.

“Politicians can’t sit on the fence about the NHS. If they want our votes, they need to promise to keep the NHS safe from private companies and funding freezes. We won’t stand for another five years of the NHS being broken up or squeezed to breaking point.

“Saturday’s petition delivery event is all about the people of Southport telling our next MPs exactly what we want for our NHS.”

Notes to local press editors
38 Degrees is one of the UK’s biggest campaigning communities, with over 3 million members. 38 Degrees brings you together with other people to take action on the issues that matter to you and bring about real change in the UK.