Classic Golden Hind Restoration

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A few months ago, a lovely visitor to our shop presented us with a challenge: a vintage model ship in desperate need of some TLC.

Along with this fixer upper, came a puzzling history with it. We were told that it was purchased over 50 years ago at an antique shop, but the age was estimated to be closer to a century in age. With its intriguing backstory and old-world aesthetic, we decided to see what we could do.

A few weeks later, and many sleepless nights The Golden Hind was restored to its former glory. Our trusty repair team, specially researched the correct positioning of the sails, freshened up the paintwork, and strengthened the ship’s fixings. Blood, sweat and a few tears went into the restoration of this piece (damn splinters).

We’re always excited to take on any new restoration projects, no matter the size. So, if you have any items in particular that you would like to see being brought back to their former glory, then please give us a shout or pop by the shop. We’re happy to help!