MakeItCycles: Another Update…

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Well, we got some more bikes in. We’ve upped the price a little, though, but not too much, as we know only too well that folksy’s finances are a little stretched at the moment…. A couple have already gone back out into the community.

Remember, you aren’t just buying a second-hand bike but, a bike that has been fully serviced for road-worthy-ness and safety. Plus there are no issues as to where you need to bring any teething problems back to, as the bikes are guaranteed to be fully working when they leave us, aside from punctures (but serves you right for riding over thorns 😉

It’s been a busy few weeks. We might only open at 12:00 but we’ve been lucky to get out of the Workshop by 7:00!

Still, we’re not complaining… That’s what we’re here for 🙂

So, here’s the offer again: A fully serviced second-hand bike for max £35! We’ve got some Adult (Male and Female) and some childrens bikes in the Workshop now… Plus we’re happy to service your existing bike: Full Service £35, or less, if it’s a specific problem you need us to sort for you.

Just waiting to get you out riding again!

Bye for now folks… Hopefully see you soon 🙂

MakeItCycles: 01704 53 51 23 or mobile: 0793 027 7240