MakeItCycles: An Update

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As you’ll probably already know we’ve been doing our best to offer a range of economy bikes to the community for use during the lock down. Demand has been high but don’t despair 🙂

If you are still looking for an affordable bike (adults or childrens) we are hoping to get more bikes in over the next few days! Once these are fully serviced and road-worthy we shall be offering them for sale between £25-35 (depending on quality and/or the work that we need to do on them to make them ready for sale). Or, if you are looking for something a little better, we have a reasonable range of as-new, second-user, vintage and BMX machines; all fully serviced and ready to ride-away.

If some of you out-there are really struggling finance-wise please, please, please still come and see us! We can usually find something to suit most budgets!

The MakeItCycles Bike Project is open from 12:00 to 5:00 pm each day, but remember, it’s always better to ring ahead, so that we can be certain of being here to meet you when you come visit. As the main arcade is currently locked-down, we are for the time being accessible from the rear entrance to Cambridge Walks, which is in Sharrock Street (behind the Atkinson Arts Centre)

Call Us: 01704 53 51 23 or mob: 0793 027 7240

Keep Safe, Keep Healthy.

Best Wishes

The (small) MakeItCycles Team