Calling All Cyclists!

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MakeItCycles, formerly a project of MakeItWorkshop but now fully independent, whilst still closely collaborating and pursuing the same aims as MIW… are endeavoring to remain open in Southport Town Centre as a service to local cyclists for servicing, repairs and parts.

As a non-profit Social Enterprise, the aim is to get people riding or, to keep people riding, out on the road during the lock-down.  Above all we really shouldn’t abuse this privilege so, if you are out and about on your bike, KEEP YOUR DISTANCE!

MIC will check over your bike if you need us to; pay if you can or, simply make a small donation, just to keep us going… It’s been a real joy to help people who’ve brought their bikes to us, so that they can be confident in their road-worthiness and, to know that there is somewhere that they can bring their bikes if there are any problems with the machinery!

Bikes really aren’t that complicated but, we’ve been doing this for a long time now and sometimes it’s easier to get some expert advice rather than struggling to fix it yourself. Don’t struggle; just come and see us!

Make sure the tyres are good, the brakes, the wheels, the gears and those all-important bearings!

Keep cycling folks! We are here to help… if you need us ❤