These Guys are brilliant, too!

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Remember GIGA (GetItGoingAgain)?

We knew it wasn’t a new idea, but who cares who thought it up, so long as we’re doing it 🙂

So, take a look at what’s happening in Liverpool:

Our own events were running during 2018/19. This is how we launched them, back in early 2018:

It was big thing for MIW to get that started, and, thanks to MRWA it brought in some much needed funds to supplement our other fundraising activities. Since then, and during last year, though, our staffing somewhat fell away, especially the skill-sets we needed to run the repair events. But, now, there’s some new light down the road, centred on a couple of new potential recruits to MIW, both engineers, one of small stuff, one of large (very large!) stuff. Remember the original film Flight of the Pheonix? That was one clear proof that when it comes to getting things going again… size really doesn’t matter 😉

So, all being well, we should be able to get GIGA up and running again, hosted by MakeItRepair in Market Street.

Here’s a Call Out for anybody out there in our community or close by, who has time on their hands and loves fixing things? Come and join us! The commitment isn’t that great, just a couple of afternoons a month, using your time and skill to give back to your local community.

Watch this space, or check out our facebook page: