Edge Hill University Sustainability Fair 27th Feb 10.30am to 2pm

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MakeItWorkShop CIC will be at Edge Hills Sustainability Fair tomorrow Wednesday 27th February between 10.30am till 2pm. We will be discussing how to cut down on Landfill by repair, reusing , recycling, repurposing, donating to charity/regift or selling on. We live in a THROW AWAY LIFE STYLE, upgrading phones and electronics that still work perfectly fine to changes in tastes for furniture. Do you have items gathering dust in the corners of your accommodation? Were you thinking of tipping them in the refuse? We have the recycling bins for paper, plastic, and glass, but do you have a recycling receptacle for electronic waste?

Electronic waste or E-waste as its cimmonly known has many components that are poisonous to people and land, such as lead, mercury, and arsenic.

Overall, the benefits from recycling your old computer, laptop, lamp, toaster ect are huge, because of the dangerous environmental impact non-recycled or improperly disposed electronics create towards the planet. Moreover, these discarded objects are also a rich source of metals. Your average smartphone contains about 24mg of gold — which adds up to about £17.90 per unit. Computer parts such as processors, RAMs, motherboards, hard drives, CD and DVD drives contain gold, silver and palladium. We hope to show you the options available for electronic, furniture, household items to reduce landfill, reduce your carbon footprint and save you money aswell.