Telcer Vintage Executive Desk Set 1960 Telephone

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An attractive, vintage Telcer telephone produced in Italy in the 1960’s and designed for the offices of senior management and executives. The phone is a deep green colour and the dial is gilded metal. Surrounding the dial and on the underside of the lid is a leather finish.

The solid wooden case with dovetail joints is a beautiful piece to behold. It would be quite a statement piece open or closed. The Vintage Telcer rotary dial has been adapted to use on todays current digital lines in the UK.

Height: 12 cm.
Width: 29 cm.
Depth: 24 cm.
Total weight: 3.2 kg

As always we are open to offers, can negotiate and also barter. This is truely a beautiful piece.

We have so many beautiful pieces come in and check them out.

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