Don’t want to lose this…..

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ImageWe stumbled on this image back in the early days. It forms the header for our website but we’ve cropped it now to show just the heads of the people and it loses something as a result. The full image is posted on the large section of wall above the counter in the main shop. We’ve reproduced it here because we think it ‘says’ something about us. Even as just a silhouette it’s a powerful image. We like the way in which it shows young people, with attitude and pride, standing together as a team.

Young people and their future; when it comes down to it that’s what we are all about! What else could it be?

So, if you are young and want to make a difference in your immediate world or EVEN older but still have the energy to! Come and join us. We need you but we can’t make that difference for you. You have to do that; Make It for yourselves and for your town

Tell us what you think please!

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